In this week’s classic tennis racquet review we take a look at the stick used by the legendary American player Andre Agassi.

CLASSIC RACQUET REVIEW | Pete Sampras’ Wilson Pro Staff 85

Agassi started his career with the Prince Graphite Oversize, before moving to a Donnay Pro One OS.

However, in 1993 he moved to HEAD and stayed with the company until retiring from the professional game in 2006.

Agassi then started endorsing the HEAD Radical Tour Trisys 260 OS.

The eight-time Grand Slam champion always played with oversized racquets and his HEAD Radical Tour was a whopping 107 square inches and weighed 343 grams unstrung (363 strung), with a 21mm straight beam all around.

It is believed that Agassi remained with the Radical Tour 260 Trisys Oversize in various paint jobs until he retired.

Picture: Andre Agassi/Twitter