Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal has expressed his concern around the serving aspect of the sport.

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The 20-time Grand Slam champion told Japanese sports magazine Number that he fears the big servers could start dominating the sport in the next decade.

“I think we need to think about the serve at some stage, because the players are getting bigger and bigger and the serve is getting faster and faster,” Nadal said, as quoted by Tennis Head.

“If someone doesn’t find a wise solution for serving, I’m worried that matches will be decided solely by serving. I think this problem will get worse within 10 years.”

When probed on whether a solution would be to eliminate second serves, Nadal responded: “I don’t think it’s an irrelevant idea,” Nadal said. “You can test it out and see if it makes sense. I’m in favour of innovation in the tennis world. I think it’s a good idea to try it in a small tournament first.”

Nadal is sidelined for the remainder of the season due to a foot injury but hopes to return to the tour at next year’s Australian Open.

Picture: Rafael Nadal – ATP Tour/Twitter